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The Porch Sitters on the Parade of Homes

The Porch Sitters on the Parade of Homes

There were 829 single family residential homes on the market as of September 1, 2019 in the fourteen great Lakes Region communities covered by this report. The average asking price came in at $626,549 and the median asking price was $349,900.   Our current inventory level represents almost a seven-month supply of homes on the market.

parade of homesThe Lakes Region Professional Porch Sitters Chapter 603 gathered this past weekend on Gordy Blaisdell’s porch to celebrate Labor Day and the fact that we all might be able to navigate down Main Street in Meredith in a much more reasonable timeframe in the coming weeks. Gordy used to be a real estate agent and then a home inspector and then he smartened up and is a taxi driver now. Dirk Davenport, Bubba Gunter, Travis D. Coletrain, Little Stevie Prestone, John “Leadbellie” Goode, and Rollie Rollins were in attendance as well as Gordy’s neighbor Jimbo and a couple of mutual friends Bob and Chris. As this was a holiday affair, the spouses were there to keep things from getting out of hand. They, however, did not succeed.

“Ahhh!” said Rollie, “Things are gonna slow down a little now! Real estate has been crazy and the traffic around here has been nuts.”

“You got that right.” responded Little Stevie Prestone. “But pretty soon the leaf peepers will be back and things will be really messed up for a weekend or two.”

“Yup, and Jimbo and Bob will be still up every weekend. Even though they are from south of the border you gotta consider them honorary rednecks by now!” exclaimed Gordy.

The annual Lakes Region Parade of Homes is coming right up in October and that will generate a little traffic, too” I said as Gordo passed out some Porch Crawler beverages to those wiling to try his unique recipe.

“I love parades! Where is it? Main Street in Meredith??  What do they do, put houses on trailers like a float and drag ‘em down the street?” asked Dirk.

“No, you idiot.” says Bubba. “They have houses that you go look at all around the Lakes Region. It is a self-guided tour of great new properties and renovation projects by some of the Lakes Region best builders.”

Parade of homes“That’s right.” I said. “The tour is put on every year by the Lakes Region Builders and Remodelers’ Association which is part of the National Homes Builders’ Association. This year there are eleven homes on the tour, which is Columbus Day weekend on October 12, 13, and 14th.”

“I bet you can see some pretty neat homes and get some ideas for your own home.” Said Bob.

“It could get expensive, though.” chuckled Leadbellie. “I had to put a new bathroom in my house last year ‘cause my dearest fell in love with one she saw on the tour.”

“This is a really a cool deal!” said Rollie. “The parade is way better than watching HGTV. You get to see real houses, with real people, and get a firsthand look at the newest building materials and products in person. How great is that!”

“So, how’s this work?” asked Travis. “How do you know where to go? Is there a map or something?”

Parade of homes“It is even better than that.” I said. “There is a Parade Craze App that you can download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. It has pictures of all the houses, info about the builders, and directions to get you to all the homes. Of course, there are paper maps available in case you don’t have a Smart Phone.” I said. “And, you can start anywhere, at any house, and go where and when you want. The cost to go on the tour is just $20 per person with children under 18 free. “

“That sounds like a pretty good deal.” said Bob. “You get three days’ worth of entertainment and see some cool houses. How do you get tickets for this parade??”

“It says here on the app that you can get tickets here on-line or at the first house you go to. You will also receive a comprehensive Parade Guidebook.” said Chris who was looking at his barely-smart phone.

“What about food?” asked Travis. Travis is always thinking about food. “Hey, are we gonna cook these burgers tonight or not?”

“Well there are plenty of great restaurants along the parade route…you won’t go hungry and it wouldn’t surprise me to find some food and snacks along the way at some of the homes.” I said.

“I ain’t going hungry!” replied Travis. “Get the grill going. I want some of that potato salad, too! I’ll have time to work of the extra pounds before the parade next month.”

Calm down and have another Porch Crawler, Travis!” said Gordy.

Data compiled using the NEREN MLS System.

Parde of homes


Roy Sanborn

As a REALTOR® since 2000, I know what it takes to ensure a smooth real estate transaction; hard work, dedication and loyalty to my clients, knowledge, and effective communication. It is this philosophy that has helped me to consistently be one of the top producing agents in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. I’ve also found that helps to have a little fun along the way! My partner, Ashley Davis, and I are thrilled to be part of Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty and have taken Sotheby’s already amazing marketing program and philosophy one step further with the formation of our Distinctive Homes Group! I know the lakes, the Lakes Region, and the lifestyle you are probably looking for.

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