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Honey-do lists and boat gas

One of the joys of home ownership is the never ending honey-do list of projects and home repairs that seem to sprout up like weeds in the garden every summer. If you’re like me, you could have a full time job just around the house.

Now, I am no carpenter. I can weld, tune up an old Corvette, or spray paint a car. But don’t ask me to cut a piece of paneling, carpet, or tile to fit.  I have managed, however, to do most common repairs and “fix-its” around the house for years. I hate parting with my hard earned commissions from being a real estate agent and having to pay a grinning plumber or electrician. The good thing is, I guess, at least the tradesmen do charge a little less here in the Lakes Region if all else fails. Sometimes you do have to bring in a professional. But many times a little research will help you through the project and save you some bucks. This page is devoted to providing you with a few tips and resources so you can tackle that fixer-upper or maintain your Lake Winnipesaukee waterfront home and save a little cash. That way you’ll have more gas money for the speedboat. is one of the largest resources for home improvement and repair information on the net. You can tackle the toughest of home repair projects all on your own if you follow the step by step instructions.

This television network’s website has extensive home improvement resources that even I can follow! Now where did I put my hammer?

The Money Pit

If you own a home you show check out the Money Pit nationally syndicated home improvement show. If you don’t catch it on your local station, you can listen to the latest show on