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Real Real Estate Sayings

Real Real Estate Sayings

porch sitterThere were 64 single family homes sold in the Lakes Region communities covered by this report. The average sales price came in at $478,862 and the median price point was $224,500. The average time on the market was 101 days.

The Lakes Region Professional Porch Sitters Chapter 603 gathered last week for its annual “Jeezum, I Hope the Winter’s Almost Over” meeting. We decided to hold the event at Rollie Rollins’ house  because we hadn’t been there a while and we knew he had stocked up on goodies from the Winnisquam Market. In attendance were myself, Dirk Davenport, Bubba Gunter, Travis D. Coletrain, Little Stevie Prestone, and Ainsley Gratham.  We also had a special new member, Lori Bonin, join us. She is a lender and we were excited to get her take on the current state of mortgages.

We all plunked down into the available chairs on Doug’s four season porch. All of us, except Travis D., that is.  It turns out that even with the kitchen chairs brought in, Rollie was one seat short. Rollie got up to go get us the obligatory Porch Crawler Beverages and snacks from the kitchen so Travis, with a big grin on his face, immediately jumped into the vacant seat.

Upon Rollie’s return to the porch with a wide eyed stare, Travis quipped “Timing is everything in real estate and porch sitting!”

To which Rollie replies laughing, “Yes that is very true and there is an a** for every seat! Except here, where we are one seat short!”

That kind of started off a discussion on common real estate sayings that we hear or say almost every day or two. Like the saying “There’s an a** for every seat” or a “Lid for every pot” in real estate  no matter what kind of house you have or what kind of condition it is in, there is a buyer out there for it if it is priced right.

“I know one,” said Dirk, “It is all about ‘location, location, location!‘location, location, location!’ That’s one of the key things a buyer should look at when buying a home!”

“Yup,” Little Stevie replied, “and ‘don’t buy the most expensive house on the block!’ ”

“How many times have you said ‘they aren’t making any more waterfront?’” Ainsley piped in.

“And what about the saying that ‘buyers are liars?’” said Bubba, “It’s really not that they are liars, it just means that they often times don’t really know what they want until they see it! They’ll buy the total opposite of what they told you they wanted.”

“Don’t you just love it when your seller client says ‘I don’t have to sell!’” says Dirk.

“How about ‘Your first offer is probably the best,’” Travis says, “That usually rings pretty true! When you first list a home there is an educated buyer pool waiting for your home to come on the market.  These buyers have been in the market a while and will make an offer based on comparative values. The market ultimately sets your sales price.”

“When you are asked about where the housing market is going, how many times have you had to say to your client ‘I don’t have a crystal ball?’ No one really knows where the market is going that’s for sure. Sometimes you just have to rely on gut instinct!” injected Bubba.

“What about you, Lori? What are common sayings in the lender’s world?” I asked.

“Well,” she responded after a short pause, “How about, ‘Don’t buy a new car between now and closing!’ or ‘Don’t change your job until we close! Those are big issues that will kill your home purchase.”

“Well said,” replied Little Stevie, “there was a lot of good concise real estate advice here that you ‘can take to the bank!’

“Yes!” replied Lori, “Just take it to my bank!”

porch sitter

Data compiled using the NEREN MLS system


Roy Sanborn

As a REALTOR® since 2000, I know what it takes to ensure a smooth real estate transaction; hard work, dedication and loyalty to my clients, knowledge, and effective communication. It is this philosophy that has helped me to consistently be one of the top producing agents in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. I’ve also found that helps to have a little fun along the way! My partner, Ashley Davis, and I are thrilled to be part of Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty and have taken Sotheby’s already amazing marketing program and philosophy one step further with the formation of our Distinctive Homes Group! I know the lakes, the Lakes Region, and the lifestyle you are probably looking for.

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