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Area: 6,765 acres
Max Depth: 98 feet
Shoreline: 60.5 miles
On the shores of: Holderness, Center Harbor, Sandwich, Moultonborough.

Squam Lake Lake Houses For Sale

Info: Squam is our second largest lake and made famous when Kate and Henry filmed “On Golden Pond” here. It has a length of 3.7 miles and a width of 3.4 miles with many islands to explore, but be careful—lots of rocks in this lake! Personal watercraft banned.

Make sure to check out Walter’s Basin, a great restaurant and pub at the channel between Big and Little Squam.

Little Squam Lake

Area: 408 acres
Max Depth: 84 feet
Shoreline: 4.3 mile
On the shores of: Holderness, Ashland.
Info: Little Squam is the little sister of Big Squam. She boasts of having a multitude of wonderful lakeside season cottages and many newer high end lakefront homes. Owning property on either lake kind of puts you in an exclusive league as the cost of admission is pretty high. Little Squam is 1.7 miles long & .6 miles wide. Personal watercraft banned.

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