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The Couple Next Door – Lakes Region Real Estate

The Couple Next Door – Lakes Region Real Estate

Lakes Region Real Estate NewsThe Couple Next Door -Lakes Region Real Estate

The next episode of “The Couple Next Door” that deals with real estate entitled “Signing the Papers” was Broadcast on CBS Radio on February 12, 1958. It starts out at the buyer’s (Mr. Clayton) attorney’s office where Albert and Ethel will sign a preliminary agreement to sell Mr. Clayton their home. The agreement states that Albert will get a $3,000 deposit to hold the property until they sign final documents in thirty days.

The Couple Next Door - The lakes Region Real Estate News ReportWhile reviewing the document Mr. Clayton notices the stove and refrigerator aren’t mentioned and he states that it was his understanding they were included. After all, he says, he is paying more than the house is really worth. Albert protests saying he never mentioned anything about the stove and refrigerator staying and that he expected to use them in their new house. Things were starting to get a little heated.

The Attorney Helps Out…

The attorney jumps in to try and asks Mr. Clayton if he still has the stove and refrigerator from his old house. He replies no, that he sold them as part of the deal. The attorney explains that it is customary practice to leave the appliances with a house as part of the sale. Ethel decides that she would rather have new appliances in their new house despite how cheap her husband might be, so they let it go.

But, then she realizes nothing was mentioned about the big, brass, 200-year-old doorknocker on the front door that belonged to her mother. She declares she is taking it with her. Mr. Clayton responds rather adamantly that he does not want the house dismantled. The doorknocker is one of the things that give the house so much character and that’s the reason he wanted the it in the first place!  (See, these things happened, even then.)

The Doorknocker

Once again, the attorney jumps in and suggests that the doorknocker be replaced with an identical one. Reluctantly Ethel agrees and now all she has to do is find an identical 200-year-old doorknocker. Good luck with that! (It would have been a lot easier to have a Sellers Property Disclosure outlining what stays and what doesn’t, don’t you think?)

Albert then realizes that they didn’t put anything in the agreement about the blue spruce tree in the front yard that he planted for their daughter, Betsy. That can’t stay, it has to go to their new property! Now steaming, Mr. Clayton makes it clear that it is staying and that Albert will not be leaving holes in the front yard! While Ethel and Albert feel that they are giving in on everything they agree to replace that blue spruce with an even bigger and better one. Sellers today can blame Albert and Ethel for starting this trend!

After the meeting, Albert tells Ethel that there is no way that her Mother’s gold, 200 year old doorknocker is going on the front of the modern style house they are building. She replies that it will go perfectly well on the colonial style home they will be building. You see how easy this is going, right?

Looking at Lakefront Property

In the next episode, “Looking at Lake Front Property,“ Ethel comes into town to Albert’s office to take him to see the “most beautiful land” she has ever seen. “It is just what we want she exclaims!” She apparently had been looking at property all day with a “real estate man.” She wants Albert to see it and meet him because he can ask him all the right questions. But she is sure that “this real estate man” wouldn’t sell them anything unless it was OK.

So, they meet Mr. Whipple, the “real estate man,” and he tells them to park their car so they can walk through the woods to the parcel of land. Albert wonders why they have to walk to the property, isn’t there a road, do I have to build one?! Ethel says “Don’t worry about that now…” “It might be just a teensy, weensy road.”

Sergeant Preston

They go traipsing off through the woods and Albert wonders how much father it can be as he feels like Sergeant Preston of the Yukon. (Do you remember him?)  Albert asks Mr. Whipple if the snowplows come out this way? “Ohhh, sure,” mutters Mr. Whipple. Then Albert sees the unbelievable view of the lake, the city, and the park on the other side.

It turns out that the lot is two acres, which is more than they really had considered, but it does have lake frontage with a cove, beach, and a “babbling brook” (that always cinches the deal!) Albert asks if the property is within the city limits and Mr. Whipple replies yes and “That is the beauty of it. You have all the advantages of city life in the city and you have the feeling of being in the country.”

It Won’t Last Long

Whipple tells them these lots were recently subdivided and they won’t last long. Albert is excited and agrees as you just don’t find views like this, but wishes they had more time to think about it. But then, he also thinks he could get a little sail boat once they get settled. She says that would be wonderful for him because he would get to exercise more like he has always wanted. And the best part is their darling little Betsy could even go to the same school system. Yup, they are hooked! “Golly, look at that view!”

Albert decides to ride back to town with Mr. Whipple so they can talk on the way and he would do a little figuring. Well, apparently, Albert bought the land on the way home. He comes home to tell Ethel that he put a deposit down because he was sure he didn’t want to lose it. She is ecstatic! “Oh, oh, oh” she says, “What did he say about a road?” “Did you ask him?” You can see that blank stare on his face even through the radio! “No, no, golly, that right, a road!” “Well, don’t worry about it!” she says.”

A road, yeah…” he meekly mumbles to himself…

What’s for sale?

There were 597 single family residential homes for sale in the twelve Lakes Region communities covered by this report. The average asking price was $680,164 and the median price point was $299,000. All of these homes have roads to them…

Lakes Region of NH Real Estate Report

Data compiled using the NEREN MLS system


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